AgiPlanner is gone!

AgiPlanner has been renamed to Uzility.

Introducing Uzility, a new name, new look, and more. Based on customer feedback, we have changed the name from AgiPlanner to Uzility.

The team behind AgiPlanner are all still part of the Uzility project, and for our existing customers, all of your data has been moved over to the Uzility system.

New Name and Sites:

New Features:

New Datacenter:

We have moved the Uzility system to a new data center. AgiPlanner was previously hosted using a standard shared hosting environment in Provo Utah. Uzility has moved to a new dedicated virtual server in the AWS Elastic Compute Cloud. This has immediately given us a 10x performance boost on every page load, search, or update to the system. Using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) system will allow us to rapidly scale and grow the system to keep up with customer needs. Using the Amazon EC2 system also gives us more control and more flexibility with the Uility system as we move forward.

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